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Stretching + Recovery
Mindsports Performance Meditation

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INnergy For Wellness

INergy is a new program to help you improves your balance, flexibility, coordination, endurance , stamina, strength , pressure , and the ability to focus.  Based on  Tai Chi, the  internal Chinese martial art practice used for defense, INergy unleashes the health benefits by releasing muscular tension and coordination, relaxation & breathing.


5-2 Tai chi Hook

11-10 Lesson Practice

9-22 Golden form

7-31 Golden form intro

5-2 Tai chi Hook


11-10 Lesson Practice

9-22 Golden form

7-31 Golden form intro


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This Class focuses on range of motion, mobility, recovery and increasing the body’s flexibility.  Beginners and athletes will benefit.

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8-19 :Day 1 Myo-Fascial Release Upper  Shoulder release

8-20 :Day 2 Stretch : Upper Shoulder release

8-21 :Day 3 Recover Strength Upper Back

8-1 :Upper Shoulder release

4-18  Myofascial Release Video  2  Quads  and leg

Foam Roller is used for proper  myofascial release.

4-17 Myofascial Release Video    1 FEET & Calves

This is the first lesson of the series of showing very effective techniques for myofascial release.

4/6 – Hip, glutes Release

4/7 – Hip, upperleg Release

12/20 – Groin Lesson 1  : and inner thigh : Active muscle release and Massage release

12/21 – Groin 2  : Fitness ball  Exercises to  trigger muscle fiber stability

12/22 – Groin  3 : Movement and stretches for rehabilitation and mobility increasing for sports

Please do not use the heal to dig into the muscle if you are recovering. Keep it gentle.

12/23-  Groin 4 :  Flexible band exercises  for recovery

11/6 – Quad and hip release,  and Neck Release

10/27 – Neck Release Exercises

9/7 – Hip, sacrum release, review

8/24 – Hip, inner outer, and Intro to ankle Releases

8/20 – Hip Release Practice 2 , with chair

8/10-  hip Relese , chair intro for hip mobility

8/3- Shoulders,  hips, hams

7/27    – Review and knee + hip release

7/14 Live Stream   – Review and Hip Release

Live Stream- Lower back, and Leg Release 40 min Class


Episode 1 – Upper body shoulder arms

Episode 2 – Foot and Feet

Episode 3 – Follow Along

Episode 1 – Legs upper hips

Episode 2 – Neck

Episode 3 – Follow Along

Episode 1 – Back : explanation

Episode 2 – Back Part 2 : Explanation

Episode 3 – Follow Along


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I wanted to create a course that encompasses yoga but gives you something more.  Something with less rules , less philosophy, religion and less terms no one knows what really means. Lets enjoy some great movements together to benefit the body.

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Past Live Stream Classes

6/1-  Forward bends w textbook:

6/1 b- Forward bends class 2

5/15- Yoga Relax  Multiple Positions:

4/18/21: YogaPI Dynamic Yoga Routine

Dynamics to release legs

4/7/21: YogaPI quick refresher mobility

It’s spring again , we will start with gentle release with yoga

10/14-  Week 1 Yoga Fundamentals Phase 2:  Forward bend Positions  We will be developing the framework to improve forward bends in the next few weeks

10/10- Yoga Fundamentals Dynamics Standing 3of 3 : Week 8:  Final Course of Dynamics  Phase 1: Standing positions

9/28- Yoga Fundamentals Dynamics Standing 2of 3 : Week 7: Hip, Half moon pose, Super Balance : Go slow and steady , Repeate if needed.

9/10- Yoga Fundamentals Dynamics Standing 1of 3 : Week 7: After You have completed fundamentals, you are ready for dynamics. we will review   fundamentals and incorporate reps

8/11- Yoga Fundamentals Week 6: Side angle series, chair poses, variations, Final week of fundamental standing poses

8/3- Yoga Fundamentals Week 5: Reviews of Fundamentals Past w Warrior + Bowing/ Bird of paradise series

7/26- Yoga Fundamentals Week 4: Reviews of Fundamentals Past +  Warrior advanced

7/20- Yoga Fundamentals Week 3: Reviews of Fundamentals + Triangle Poses + Warrior intro

7/14- Yoga Fundamentals Week 2: Reviews of Fundamentals + Triangle Poses , hip openers.

7/9 –  Fundamental  yoga Week 1 :   Standing, Tree Poses, Mountain, Balance Intro

7/1 –  Power yoga,  elephant pushups, boat , form 1 , hip openers


Episode 1 –  Hamstring , sumo stretches

Episode 1 –  Sun salutation training : Learn This This week

Episode 2 –  Just a nice 10 minute afternoon session

Episode 3 –  This Weeks  30 min  follow along session



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Life Fitness Buddy Program

Welcome to a very personalized fitness program.  I will be making videos for you personally to practice and work out, that keep you motivated and accountable.  The videos get updated as you progress.

To start : Fill out the practice check form  below !

EnrollmentAccountability Email

Please Enroll to get email updates form the instructor and material for this courseAccountability will send you an email if you slack off. No Excuses or slacking

Recorded Classes:

Episode 4 – Shoulder Arm Blast

Follow Along  Shoulder arm Blast

3sets 10 reps :  Presses w supperset , 3×10 arnold w superset , 3×10 press bicepts .

Episode 3 – pushup pushup drill 1

Follow Along This weeks workout do this 3 times this week


Episode 1 – pushup pushup drill 1

Follow Along This weeks workout do this 3 times this week

Episode 2 – Ab Drill


Jump Rope Start : 4 positions to start jump rope workouts

Episode 1 – Shoulder Workout

3sets  x10-20reps  Dumbbell Shoulder press      3sets x10-20reps  Arnold Press3sets x10-20reps  Bicepts Curl And press      3sets x10-20reps  Leaning Side raises

Episode 2 – Legs

3 minutes of running/jogging    short break           4 minutes                                                                       5 minutes                                                                        100 air squats   2 sets  .

Episode 3  Bicepts

3 sets 10 reps – one arm Hold curls , Cycle            20,10,5 , Curls 4 sets with added rep increment   3 x 20 rep     Hammer curls


Blissfulness                           Joyfulness                Peacefulness

Welcome To

Taka Meditation

This course will revolutionize your whole being, if you are searching for your center, for joy,  and bliss. This course is for you.   I will present several methods that may act as keys to unlock your lock;  awakening towards well being, joy  and bliss.

The effects of my meditations are transformative, there is no need to believe or theorize, but to just experience of joy High and ecstasy.


Episode 1 – Entering Trance/ Mind Body Relax

Episode 2 –  Black Screen Explanation

Episode 3 – Focus

Counting Technique to focus mind, build alertness.

Episode 1 – Follow along

Meditation Session


Episode 2- Cerebral Clearing Technique Explanation

THIS technique will clear your mind and start getting you high.

Episode 3- More CCT Explanation

THIS technique will clear your mind and start getting you high Review .

Episode 4 – Follow along  CCT FULL



MEDITATION                    VISUALIZATION           RECOVERY

Welcome To

MindSports  Visualization Program  (MVP)

What is Mind sports : Mind Sports is a  series of lessons and exercises that will help surpass blocks that are holding you back from getting where you are to where like to be.  You’ll learn simple strategies you can use  immediately to start performing at a higher level in all aspects of your sport ,  music or performance art.

Mental training for peak sports performance helps an athlete set and achieve their personal goals. It will help athletes free themselves from negative, self-limiting and self-defeating beliefs and thoughts .

The ability for an athlete to control their mental and emotional elements, create a mindset for confidence and well-being is paramount for athlete’s performance. When an athlete has self-mastery with their mind-body connecting, this serves to motivate them to increase their sports performance. However, when the ability of the athlete to control their psychological state is in question due to a “slump”, injury or personal issues, there is a risk of a decrease in self-confidence, well-being and future sports performance.

EnrollmentAccountability Email

Please Enroll to get email updates form the instructor and material for this course

Classes :

11: 22 : Intro Vibrational Heat

11: 23 : Breathing  10-50  slow, then puffs

9-22: Body Points attention

8-20: Relaxing Centering , Happiness Practice

8-1: Solar Plexus  grounding intro

6-30:  PartA Conscious Breathing Practice  forward 4 8 16 32 huff : 4in4out 4 times , 8in8out x 8 times , 1n1 out x 16 Time , 32  HUFfs

6-30:  Part B Conscious Breathing Practice Back  4 18 16 32  Hold: 4in4out x4 times, 8in8out X2 Times , 16in16out X1 Time , 32 Sec Hold

6-10:  46 min Class Mind Clearing

6-10:  Lucid Dreaming Visualization  (Meditation)

6-10:  INTRO Talk Lucid Dreaming (non Meditation)

6-1:  35 min Forced Breathing and Body  centering

5-15  :   45 min Forced Breath Elation

5-15   :   20 min Decisions Meditations : Lessons in Receptivity

4-18  :   Seeing Colors, body altered state healing

4-5  :   Focus Practice

3-26  :   Part 1: Forced Breath Altered state 1

3-13  :   Part 4: Breathing Expansion Counts higher

Breathing Expansion part 4: On the empty hold, leave the body, then on the reset, watch inside.

3-12  :   Part 3: Breathing Expansion open eyes:   15 count

Breathing Expansion part 3: We start with warmup of 5 counts and expand to 15

2-27  :   Part 2: Breathing Expansion open eyes:   10 count

Breathing Expansion part 2: do this after you can do 7777 counts  relaxed .   At the end let go.

2-18  :   Part 1: Breathing Expansion  with visualization ending

Breathing expansion control: 5 count inhale ,5 count hold full, ,5 count exhale ,5 count hold empty .    Then do 6 counts, then 7… 10 .

2-4  :   Visualization practice Brain  Refresher

Play around with this clearing technique, with a little practice very useful to clear any mental tensions.   Rub the 4 scull points to help you begin .

1-11  :   Precursor to Reverse Breathing part 3

This is the first  group of reverse breathing. There are many guided secrets  that await , after a session resume normal expanded breathing.

1-20  : Breathing Expansion Precursor to Reverse Breathing Part 2

This is the second precursor to what I will be getting into revere breathing. We expand normal breath  in this lesson, and expand the body

1-11  : Breathing Expansion Precursor to Reverse Breathing  part 1

This is the first precursor to what I will be getting into revere breathing. We expand normal breath  in this lesson, and expand the awairness

12-20  : Building golden orbs

Introduce a visualization experience that centers the body , feel sensations in the three  focal points

11-23  : Transition Infinity Breath

This technique may be very special for some, the transition infinity breath.  If you have practiced and attained a certain level these weeks you may be ready for this. Use the past recordings practice as a basis

11-1  : Feet Centering & Recovery

Recovery using the toes and feet. Centering and heightened Sensitivity

10-26  Week 6: Phase 1 Breath of Control      5,6 pulses : beats

At 40  bpm metronome. We are developing the expansion and control of breath and states . The workout is 1 inhale for6  pulses . 1 exhale for 6 pulses, x 10 times

10-20  Week 5: Phase 1 Breath of Control

At 45 bpm metronome.  We review what we did and this time I add  1 breath 15 pulses x 10 times.   if you have practiced the altered state is quickly accessed.  Practice this tempo for a week or two

10-10  Week 4: Phase 1 Breath of Control

At 50 bpm metronome. We are developing the expansion and control of breath and states . The workout is 1 breath for 5 pulses, x 10 times

and then try 1 breath 10 pulses x 10 times.  Become of your states after, Practice this tempo for a week or two before moving on.

9-23  Week 3: Phase 1 Breath of Control

Use your heart beat or 50bps metronome:  in breath on a 4pulse count , 4 times: then in breath on 2count 8 times, then 1 in breath 16 times.  then 32 rapid,  then reverse order, to go back down

9-18  Week 2: Phase 1 Breath of relaxation

20 breaths 3 sets.  Practice being relaxed and timing the breath to your heart

9-7  Week 1: Phase 1 Breath of relaxation

10 breaths 3 sets.  Practice being relaxed and timing the breath to your heart

8-20    Visualization of movement

Relaxation and movement feel

Class 8/11   –  visual , and feeling

Breathing, and intro to focus spot

Class 8/3   –  visual , and feeling

Visual, and feeling practice 1

Class 7/26   –  Foot relief

Icy hot feet :  To help relieve feet , your mental icy hot. You can use this application on other things as well. But Like everything it takes practice, the more you practice the better the mind will be your tool and your friend.

Live Class 7/14   – Knee Relief

Balloons:  To help recover knees and legs, relax undo knots . Try repeating 3 sets. As you get more practice with controlling the body, you can feel results after 1 set .  Where the muscles respond to your visualization. Remember This is all play, and enjoy.

Live Class 6/24   –

First practice on relaxing the body

Module 1:

Episode 1 – Basic To Concentration

1-10 count practice Explanation