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You will be given a creators course  page You will be given course promotional page with your commissions linkWork flexibility and high earnings ratio. You will be given a 50% commission recurring monthly  without the work and costs of running a platformAs you meet people this gives you an easy way to show your course get them interested without begging and selling them. Your apart of a community now.You will be given access to all members to make connections and contribute to helping them transform . .Live work and enjoy the recurring membership payoff without any setup costsMinimal work of 2-3 hours a month. You will not loose leads of people that are interested since this gives you a way to showcase your abilitiesMyachademy Team and support 





Make a minimum of 2-4  videos  a month regularly. You  Generally 30 minutes long. You an also do practice modules if you thin it helps. Courses are living a breathing thing.  We post them and members follow them. You can add as much content you think will help members. The page is yours.  Feel free to add worksheets or you have free creative license. Respond to Members if they contact you, you can answer question even in your next video.   Ask questions and you can course correct or teach in the next video you make. promote your course via social media.  Myachademy will also promote and help market we are a team.

We are so excited to have you!