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Are you excellent and passionate about something? Do you like to inspire. Become a creator to earn 50% commission per month recurring on each successful sale !


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Combine your passions and your life to positively affect peoples wellbeing joy and transformation.


Benefits of Your Own Business

Work anywhere in the world while  having  a team supporting you!


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Earn 50% monthly recurring commissions as a creator

My Story

For years I have worked in various gyms.  The gym owners were making the money and I was providing my skills, hard work and dedication. I would even get clients and promote business but with no commission.

A salary is great yet as a coach or tutor its limited. I wanted the benefits of the gym owners but be able to do what I love teaching and  training people.

Every time I moved, I started from scratch. A new gym, new people building new clients and repeating the cycle.  I know you can relate to this.

Gym environments in my experiences were competitive among trainers, I wanted a community, I wanted to add to peoples experience. Everyone has something to give. I wanted everyone to be friends.

Creator   highlights

Earn 50 % monthly recurring commission on every new sale you refer Work 2-3 hours a monthRun your own course as your business Positive Vibes, nurturing , growing, helping each other environmentGet committed, serious and interested audience interested in youCustomers remain as your clients even if following others coursesNon competitive movement “WE GO not EGO” Chance to impact peoples lives for the better Full flexibility Charge private sessions Access to members to communicate and answer questions  

What is myachademy?

This platform is a solution to all that trainers, coaches and tutors encounter.  You will be able to do what you love , on your terms and without the expensive  costs and time commitment of maintaining a fitness platform.

Once you have a customer he or she has access to all the courses, and after a few months if they finish your course they still remain as members and you still get paid. You get access to all the members and can also charge private sessions at any fee you want.  And more importantly you get to be you.

Do you have a passion, skill or talent? Can you inspire, motivate or teach. Do you have something that you love doing and wish you could be paid for?  We would love to work with you.

How it works?

You Are given A creators course  page

You make about 2 hours of videos a month.  Courses are living a breathing thing.  We post the updates every 2 weeks.

Members can contact you, ask questions and you can course correct or teach in the next video you make.

Use social media to promote myachademy and your course.

Live work and enjoy the recurring membership payoff without any setup costs .

 Myachademy or Youtube ?

Do Both:  Youtube is great to learn and entertain , but we both know youtube is not for audiences to commit and follow a plan. Myachademy has an accountability structure for members, we want members to succeed.  Following a real living breathing  course shows commitment on both the instructor and members end.  Feel free to use youtube to give samples or promote yourself and myachademy.  Once a myachademy member, members are committed they want to transform their life, they trust you and they are serious.  We are in education , empowering people and helping them to transform their lives.

 Myachademy and Amazon ?

Youtube or Amazon payment plans could be more generous.  If you are successful doing youtube you know you are sharing a lot of your life and it becomes your life and full-time job.  I did not want this for me.  If you are selling products on  Amazon the commission rates have been slashed. And amazon does not provide regular recurring commissions. I want this platform to be for creators to create live their life and share their skills, passion and dream.

Also whatever talent you have gained in your life, I know the enormous sacrifice, hours, expense and cost.  I never felt comfortable giving my sacrificed work for free on youtube.  If any of this resonates with you,  I am happy to share my platform and grown together as a team.

Wishing you prosperity, joy and abundance!

-Peter Iapozzuto

Founder Myachademy

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