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Learn all the steps to take to master everything in just 40 years !

Episode 1 - Basic form 1 

This module Shows tai chi intro form , without instruction just follow along 

Episode 2 - Explanation of form1 

Learn about  center of mass, stacking energy, relaxation of tensions, grounding 

Episode 3 - Form 1 

Follow along second section of form 1 

Module 2 From :  GET ME High MEDITATION 

Daily /Weekly Practices   

Episode 1Entering Trance/ Mind Body Relax

Into Explanation on relaxing the body and mind

Episode 2 -  Black Screen Explanation

This Technique will allow you to clear your mind 

Episode 3- Cerebral Clearing Technique Explanation

This is half of the CCT technique that will clear your mind. WARNING Do Not try this at home without the second part. 

Modules From:  STEATCHING

Explanation and follow along !

Episode 1 - Back : explanation

Episode 2 - Back Part 2 : Explanation 

Episode 3 - Follow Along 

Modules From: YOGA PI  

Daily /Weekly Practices 

Episode 1 -  Upper body 

Episode 2 -  Upper Body

Episode 3 - Laying down