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Find your balance— Your Upside down world awaits !    “When the world is upside down… … Do a Handstand”

Learning Objectives: In this course you will learn how to achieve the dream sought by many athletes the art of doing handstands. This course will open another perspective in life on accessing life upside down.

Your Instructor:

Ashleigh Pearce is a world class acrobatic flyer, hand-balancer and international aerialist and your new teacher.   With over 10 years as a professional gymnastic  circus artist,  Ashleigh studied at the prestigious Ecole de Cirque de Quebec completing her diploma at the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne.  A student of world renowned Russian, Canadian and French coaches allowed for her international performing contract in Japan(2016)  performing throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. After achieving her milestone of traveling to 30 countries, Ashleigh returned home to Australia  she is committed to guiding people who wish to explore their healthy limits and achieve their human potential, through the powerful alignment of mental and physical health.

This Weeks Class:

Intro  – Intro : Welcome

Principal # 1 – Listen

Episode 2 – Safety


Principal # 2 – Handstand Theory

Principal # 3  -Posture

Principal # 4 – Breathing

Review  –



Imagine: Finally achieving a handstand , Tuning into your body, Re-aligning your body .It’s Possible

Course Purpose:

This is an in-depth handstand course created for you to safely and effectively train handstands on your own, whether you’re at the gym, in the comfort of your home or outdoors. The modules are specially structured to offer you a deep-dive into the theory, anatomy, strength, mobility & flexibility required to achieve a basic straight handstand hold, maintain this foundation and go beyond. Throughout this course you can learn to enhance your handstands both on and off the wall, transition into moving shapes and sequences, learn new entries and exits, all whilst acquiring world-class warmup, workout and wind down techniques to better equip your body and mind for an effective, enjoyable and rewarding movement practice.

I invite you to study and refine your postural alignment, breathing techniques, injury prevention, pain management, movement methodologies and shift these into the direction of stronger and effortless hand balancing. If you’re seeking to strengthen your relationship with your mind and body, tap into your physical potential and feel more in touch with your spatial awareness, this course will equip you with the tools to experience this. Handstands are a full-body exercise, requiring total tension and control over your own body, dictated by your calm state of mind; they are a quest of patience and can teach you a lot about yourself, your learning style and your resilience and response to feedback, they are not for everyone, but those who get upside down get a lot more than just a handstand out of it!