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Tai Chi For Wellness 

Tai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art practice used for defense , health benefits and meditation. The practice is based on leveraging coordination, relaxation & breathing, rather then muscular tension. The benefits are numerous in that it improves your balance, flexibility, coordination, endurance , stamina, strength , pressure , and the ability to focus. 


The home course shows the past recorded Lessons and modules. 

Past Saturday Class 

6/6 GSO:  Tai chi / Yoga/ Meditation 

Class: May 30th Saturday

New:  Incorporated puffing and start of form 1

Class: May 23rd Saturday

New in plane of motion,  sagittal , crane(frontal),  concave convex.  

Class May 16th Saturday

Shaking/bouncing with connection to planes of motion.   Lower body variations

Class May 9th Saturday

Lower body stepping -Planes of motion

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Class May 2nd 

Basic form, legs, long spine meditation 

Class April 25th  

Breathing form,  stepping, planes of motion, 

May Module  : 

Episode 1 - Second Planes of motion 

Sagital, crane (frontal), concave convex( horizontal plane

Episode 2 - Puff Exercise

Work on stacking energy 

Review Breathing Form 

timing the breath with the movement

May Modules 1: 

Episode 1 - Shifting weight cloud 

This weeks practice.  

Episode 2 - Stacking energy 

Work on stacking energy 

108 Dragons : Advanced Level 

108 Dragons Sagital Plane Meditation

Module 1:  Basic Breathing form 

Episode 1 - Basic form 1 

This module Shows tai chi intro form , without instruction just follow along 

Episode 2 - Explanation of form1 

Learn about  center of mass, stacking energy, relaxation of tensions, grounding 

Episode 3 - Form 1 Repete 

Follow along practice with high music and low explanation.