Money Smart

                     Money Smart Program

When investments cover your “needs” — you are free to pursue your “wants.”Discover your  Freedom Number the savings required to achieve Financial Freedom.

Learning Objectives: In this course you will learn how to devise an investment system called an Income Ladder to maximize after-tax cash flow without touching the principal or losing ground to inflation.

Your Instructor:

Damian Bergamaschi  is a self made retired young entrepreneur.  Damian earned a B.S in Finance with a focus in Quantitative Analysis. He began working at a leading NYC Tech company that was turning “Big Data” into profitable marketing decisions. Damian has lead multi-million dollar campaigns for some of the most recognized brands in the world.  His genuine  teachings on money and finances may change your life.
                                                                               PURPOSE: The Purpose of this course is to Learn  how to implement strategies such as   Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE)  or  The new movement of  Financial Freedom Income Life Ladder (FILL). The aim for students is to get Money Smart in order to pursue more time, passions and have the financial stability to pursue a life of your dreams

This Weeks Class:

Week 1 – Intro : How are you thinking about Money

– How do you view your time, just

Episode 1 – Second Planes of motion

best kept secret to getting HIGHER returns with LESS risk

Episode 2 – Value Trade

Value Trade (IN REVERSE). Shorting absurdly overpriced ZOOM stock.tacking energy


– How to think about money


Episode 1 –  best kept secret to getting HIGHER returns with LESS risk

Imagine saying : If I didn’t have to worry about covering my “needs”, I would be free to pursue my “wants”