What The Members Area Looks Like:


Hi everybody I wanted to give you a sneak peak for what the members get. To help people stay motivated and on course.   You get access to all the classes ,  and they are taught in a workout buddy style so if you can put aside even 20minutes a week on a course  and follow along  the skills and time and improvement will compound.    Members get access to the instructor  you get access to the lesson database,  practice forms, integration, theres also an accountability setup so if you slack off , it reminds you  , and also a community.

A new lesson gets updated specific to the members , and you can send  e a question or request the instructor to work on something and you can see that in the update.   It really gives you a chance to not just be a passive youtube , but gets you to commit . Most youtube lessons as fun as they are they aren’t courses and most people attentions or commitment goes  , they break the New Years resolutions and when things get hard, the instructors committed to the members, and the members are committed to improving. So this program gives you accountability to make those progressions happen. If you want to implement or install this program into your life by practice and consistency you are at the right spot.