Thank you everyone for your kind words, it gives me the greatest joy to help, inspire, and make a positive impact on your life. - Peter  

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Peter Knew exactly the right posture to do all the exercises in his class everyone feels as if he had a personal training lesson in a small group class environment! And , everyone gets the benefit ! He really understands the way the body works 
Very Mature 
Respectful and Diligent 

Theresa Wen  Phd 

Dear Peter,
Excellent Class as always !

Dr. Phyllis Glassman

Everyone is full of praise of your Tai Chi Class

Stella Wixon

Peter Ive been taking your Tai chi class for 3 weeks and my balance improved tremendously.  Your combination of live stream and zoom class is great. Thankyou so much! 

C. Silverman 

Hi Peter
I have been having problems with my wrists for a year from typing or computer work.  I have been following the  motions we did 2 weeks ago every day , I really feel a difference, it doesn't hurt when I type.  


Dear Peter sitting so much at my computer has put strain on my legs and blood clogs .  I liked how you make the website and included  tai chi and stretching , I definitely plan to continue. 

 M.  Villanova