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How To Transform All Aspects Of Your Life  -Health/ Wellness-Strength -Endurance -Muscle Growth-Power …with

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HOSTED BY: Peter Iapozzuto


What You’ll Learn on the Training

My step-by-step framework for progressing at every transformation level.The 6 Startup Classes will start you on revolutionary programs such as :INNERGY, YOGAPI, STRETCH/REC, FITNESSBUDDY, TAKA MEDITATION, and MINDSPORTS VISUALIZATION PROGRAM(MVP)   The 3 deadliest mistakes you MUST avoids when starting Fitness or Meditation (this can cost you YEARS & $$$ if you get it wrong)!My secret resources how to get motivated, psyched  & MUST avoids when starting (this can cost you YEARS & $$$ if you get it wrong)!With my simple Mind focus formula you can rapidly start growing any aspect of your life : Health/ Wellness , Mental Focus, Recovery , Mindset, Wealth, Prosperity and Energy.  The unique method you can use to get almost unlimited Energy and Restart Yourself Reserve My Seat Now!Sub Text

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