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From  How To Transform All Aspects
 Of Your Life 7 Day Program in: 

-Health/ Wellness
-Mind Mastery
-Energy & Power
-Academic Learning

These Trainings are for you to practice. 

 7 Day Lessons In The Training: 

Day 1 : Stretching/ Recovery 

Day 2 : Motivation Start 

Day 3 : Tai Chi  

Day 4 : Yoga 

Day 4 Option 2 : Power Yoga   

Day 5 : Academic & Performance Learning

Day 6: Bootcamp    

Day 6 Option 2 : Mindsports Meditation

Day 7: Wealth & Abundance    

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This program will give you a new revolutionary training experience to help you feel good , jumpstart your life, find your center, get clear on your dreams and projects , give you a workout, & explore Health, Fitness, Wellness, Mindset, Energy, Academic Learning,  & Wealth. 

Perfect for people of all levels who want to achieve better health/ wellness,  motivation, fitness, energy , recovery, focus, peace, & better performance in school/business. Whether you are just starting or looking to step up your mental or physical performance you about to have a unique experience.    


"Your combination of exercises, mind body awareness and creativity is excellent. I will be continuing ! " 

Dr. Jennifer Johnson.  MD

NYU Medical Center

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