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INNergy is a new program to help you improves your balance, flexibility, coordination, endurance , stamina, strength , and the ability to focus.  Based on  Tai Chi, the  internal Chinese martial art practice used for defense, INergy unleashes the health benefits by releasing muscular tension and coordination, relaxation & breathing.    

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Life Fitness Buddy 

  Stay motivated, keep the workouts fresh , and keep enjoying it. These are home workouts and simply follow along . We will be working out together.  Send me a workout and we will workout together, allow me to keep your motivation on track.  


Lower Body Workouts

Upper Body Buddy

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This Class focuses on range of motion, mobility, recovery and increasing the body's flexibility.  Beginners and athletes will benefit.

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Mind Sports Performance

What is Mind sports : Mind Sports is a  series of lessons and exercises that will help surpass blocks that are holding you back from getting where you are to where like to be.  You’ll learn simple strategies you can use  immediately to start performing at a higher level in all aspects of your sport ,  music or performance art. 


Aspects of Meditation:  focusing, concentration, being able to learn to drop into the performance zone and eliminate distraction : Athletes may experience strong emotions of tranquility, heightened  awareness , intuition and increased focus.  Athletes will become aware of being/doing and to incorporate joy in the sport.


Outcome Visualization   Outcome Visualization has the purpose to implement the “seed of excellence “ in the mind by creating the mental structural tension to get the athlete to take self drive and initiative to improve very naturally, Mental Rehearsal visualization:    Mental rehearsal allows for the brain to make connection


Mental/ Physical Recovery is accomplished by Relaxing the muscles with the mind using mind’s “Energetic Field” and breathing techniques that speed healing and refresh the athlete by letting go. Breathing Exercises may be used to enter the mind and allow athlete to access levels of self neurotransmiters to withstand , pain, cold, and stress .

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 In Combination with Mindsports MVP this course will revolutionize your whole being, if you are searching for your center, for joy,  and bliss. This course is for you.   I will present several methods that may act as keys to unlock your lock;  awakening towards well being, joy  and bliss.  

The effects of my meditations are transformative, there is no need to believe or theorize, or do anything but to just experience of joy High and ecstasy. 



Meditation  is one of the gates to access higher  awareness.  The practice will  assist in all aspects of your life allowing.   To become deeply concentrated, at peace  is just the beginning.   


Learn how to access a state of joy,  blissfulness and grace in any circumstance.  These teachings are not taught in our schools. The Life encompasses such beauty . Once your have understood, the essence can expand through all  other aspects of your life.  


The techniques will serve to unlock. I will over 100 teachings and share them a gifts.   Once a technique shows a blossoming , follow yourself.  .    


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 I wanted to create a course that encompasses yoga but gives you something more.  Something with less rules , less philosophy, religion and less terms no one knows what really means. Something that just makes you feel good, opens and releases the body . People are to serious, lets enjoy some movements together to benefit the body system.



1-1 Tutoring


Need Hw Help
ACE any STEM Course 


Physics Comprehensive Exam Prep
GRE Prep

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 I wanted to create a school that helps people from High School to Grad School . My life has been dedicated to education. The Pi Institute allows students to achieve their dreams.  From the greek, school actually means leisure . We learn more on the playground and home then scrambling notes from a lecture .  Pi Institute has personalized courses , and more. 

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About Your Teacher

Master Peter Iapozzuto 

 Peter is a Certified specialized  group fitness trainer (ACE), personal trainer &  fitness enthusiast with a B.S, and Masters in Physics from Stonybrook University. Currently  working towards completion of his  PhD., Peter has been working in the fitness industry and tutoring science for over decade, training in the U.S. and in Europe.  Peter is working in High Energy Accelerator Physics with specialization in Plasma Wakefield Acceleration. Peter is also the author of 30 Fitness Days and teaches Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, and Bootcamp , Mental Performance, Physics , Math and more.

Your Transformation is now here online !!! 

What Makes this different?

These courses are more then just getting information. It includes a personal touch. It handholds you, makes sure your accountable, ensures that you follow though, you get feedback , community, and your not left alone. 

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The Trial Membership Is a 1 time $1 Trial. It Is not automatic, after the trial you can decide if you would like a membership or not. It's Simple

Is the Monthly Membership Recurring an Can I cancel any time? 

Yes you will be charged each month on the day you signed up.  Yes you cancel anytime. 

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A Yoga Program with less rules , less philosophy, religion and less terms no one knows what really means. Something that just makes you feel good, opens and releases the body . Let's enjoy some movements together to benefit the body system.

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Perfect for people of all levels who want to achieve better health/ wellness,  motivation, fitness, energy , recovery, focus, peace, & better performance in school/business. Whether you are just starting or looking to step up your mental or physical performance you about to have a unique experience.    


"Your combination of exercises, mind body awareness and creativity is excellent. I will be continuing ! " 

Dr. Jennifer Johnson.  MD

NYU Medical Center

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