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Innergy Tai Chi for Wellness

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Meditation MVP Program

This course will revolutionize your whole being, if you are searching for your center, for joy,  and bliss.  I will present several methods that may act as keys to unlock your lock;  awakening towards well being

Master Pi


Aspects of Meditation:  focusing, concentration, being able to learn to drop into the performance zone and eliminate distraction : Students may experience strong emotions of tranquility, heightened  awareness , intuition and increased focus. 


Visualization has the purpose to implement the “seed of excellence “ in the mind by creating the mental structural tension to get the athlete to take self drive and initiative to improve very naturally, 


Performance is enhanced by taping into the “Energetic Field” and using breathing techniques that allow a student to access higher levels of performance.

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Power Yoga & Stretch Recovery

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We are based in Satellite Beach, Florida

In the comfort of your own home, or on the beach learn from our workshops, restore your body and soul with our classes, and feel better about yourself.

Meet Your Instructor

Peter is a Certified specialized  group fitness trainer (ACE), scientist, personal trainer, kite surfer &  fitness enthusiast with a B.S, and Masters in Physics from Stonybrook University. Currently  working towards completion of his  PhD., Peter has been working in the fitness industry and tutoring for over decade, training in the U.S. and in Europe.  Peter is working in High Energy Accelerator Physics. Peter is also the author of 30 Fitness Days and enjoys teaching fitness, board sports, Mental Performance, and Math & Physics

Thank you everyone for your kind words and support, it gives me the greatest joy to help, inspire, and make a positive impact on your life.


Founded in 2018 by Peter Iapozzuto. Myachademy, is a fitness, wellness, kitesurfing and tutoring platform.

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