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A course designed to improve your mobility, joint , arthritis , & healing.

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INnergy stands for InnerEnergy . A new program to help you improves your health BALLENCE, flexibility, CORDINATION, and the ability to FOCUS.  

INnergy stands for InnerEnergy. A new program to help you improves your health BALLENCE, flexibility, CORDINATION, and the ability to FOCUS

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Based on  Tai Chi, the  Internal Chinese martial art practice used for defense and total health

Experience incredible relief in arthritis , joint pain, neuropathy and more…

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Let your body heal by releasing muscular tension , coordination, relaxation & breathing

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See Improvements in little as 1 Month

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With as little as a 5 minute morning practice each day.

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Course includes over 100+ hours of lessons

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 Peter is a Certified specialized  group fitness trainer (ACE), personal trainer &  fitness enthusiast with a B.S, and Masters in Physics from Stonybrook University. Currently  working towards completion of his  PhD.

Peter began tai chi at the age of 12 following a master in the art at the Big Buddha monastery in Carmel, New York. Continuing the practice and evolving the art, it is his pleasure to share the joys of perfect health , wellness and healing to all ages.

Peter has been working in the fitness industry and tutoring science for over decade, training in the U.S. and in Europe.  Peter is also the author of 30 Fitness Days and looks forward to enjoying fitness together with you.

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