Our Vision

A community where people practice, learn and grow together.This is your home academy: A platform for Body/Fitness, Health, Wellness, Mind Meditation and Academic Performance

Our Story

While traveling as an opera singer my side passion was also fitness.  Where ever I toured, I also worked in various gyms or resorts. I loved helping people and getting people to transform.  My style was to practice with people and train with them.  I wanted more of a community where people practiced and incorporated fitness and learning into their lives.  It has given me so much and wanted to share this.  After my short opera career  I went back to school to get my masters.  On the side I continued teaching fitness and training with people. I started programs for universities in wellness, meditation, and even my tai chi back round from when I was in Highschool.   In 2020 I started with one course online as an experiment  and saw its popularity. People could get coached, and I could progress people.  I wanted to create a platform that was living and breathing, that got updated, where members could email the instructor and the instructor can progress people or personalize the next lesson all online.   Myachademy was born.

MyAchademy is your home accademy because originally school and academy portrayed learning in leasure. On your transformation and your growth.  I also decided to include tutoring programs and academic performance as part of the site.    I wanted a community, I wanted to add to peoples experience. Everyone has something to give. I wanted everyone to be friends.

What is myachademy?

This platform is a solution to living a spectacular life of wellness, fitness and evolving the mind and body. I have helped many people in my travels and I know I can help you if given the chance in any aspect of your life.

All courses are included in the membership because everything in life is really connected.

How it works?

New lessons are updated every other week, so you can practice.   Courses are living a breathing thing

Members can contact instructors, ask questions and new videos may be made due to the communication

Courses are creative, and instructors have full creative license in our courses.

 Myachademy or Youtube ?

Youtube is great to learn and entertain , but we both know youtube is not for audiences to commit and follow a plan. Myachademy has an accountability structure for members, we want members to succeed.  Following a real living breathing  course shows commitment on both the instructor and members end.   Our mission is to empower people and helping them to transform their lives.

Wishing you prosperity, joy and abundance!

-Peter Iapozzuto

Founder Myachademy