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Two courses for anyone who would like to improve strength, flexibility and endurance

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Power Yoga takes you through over 500+ positions as a basis. Then introduces patterns and tempos to increase the difficulty .

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Based on fundamental Yoga positions, students progress from fundamentals to strength movements, and intensity

Improve Natural Strength , Endurance and Muscle tone.

The Second Course included is Stretching & Recovery. A gentler approach

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Stretch/Rec is a follow along physical therapy practice that allows muscle recovery .

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This class focuses on the physical therapy and recovering through range of motion repetition

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Based on doctor prescribed physical therapy exercises

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Learn active muscle release, myofascial techniques, and gentle strengthening to get going again

“Our Greatest glory is not in never falling, but rising up every time we fall” -Confucius

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Course includes over 100+ hours of lessons

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With as little as 10 Minutes of morning practice each day

Your Instructor

 Peter is a Certified specialized  group fitness trainer (ACE), personal trainer &  fitness enthusiast with a B.S, and Masters in Physics from Stonybrook University. Currently  working towards completion of his  PhD., Peter has been working in the fitness industry and tutoring science for over decade,

Peter is also the author of 30 Fitness Days and teaches Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, and Bootcamp , Mental Performance, Physics , Math and more.

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From the Power Yoga Course ( Intense )

Yoga Pi Intro
Yoga Class Relax
Power Yoga Class

From the Stretching Recovery Course ( Slow Style)

Ankles calves lower body
Ankles , hip openers
Legs and review

Over +100 Hours of Class

Both Courses Included to help you Transform Your Life!

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