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Learn To Kitesurf, Kite Foil, Surf, Prone Surf or Wing

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Cancel anytime. Satisfaction Guaranteed. We are committed to get you up and riding! Gear is provided.

Located in Coco Beach, Satalight Beach, Florida and Melbourne Beach, Florida on the Ocean or Inlet River

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Camp style offers lessons, practice time, & drills. Learn, and be safe.

The camp runs weekends all day and weekdays from to Sunset

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When There’s No Wind…We SURF

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Supervised Practice

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When There’s no Surf we Foil

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Explore your choice one or all: Kite Surfing, Surfing, and Foiling.

Join as a Beginner, Intermediate , or Advanced Rider

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Kite & Surf Members Receive Personal Recorded Feedback Videos to Progress

“The kite will teach you things that you have been working on for your whole life, patience, fitness, clarity, presence… Its more then a sport , it teaches you Life…It’ gives you Life”

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Members Receive Online Course Access

From the online fitness course *Included for members

Yoga Pi Intro
Yoga Class Relax
Power Yoga Class

Over +100 Hours of Videos

Your Instructor

 Peter offers students over a decade of real-life teaching experience and a wealth of knowledge. Learning in Puglia, Italy, this sport has changed his life and wanted to creat the camp to share and have others enjoy. Certified specialized  group fitness trainer (ACE), personal trainer &  fitness enthusiast with a B.S, and Masters in Physics from Stonybrook University. Currently  working towards completion of his  PhD., Peter would like to share this connection with nature with you. Let’s Ride!

Kite Camp Rates

The 10 hr ,5 hr , or 2 hr packages per Month allows you to choose your level of progression. Includes instruction, supervised practice , safety Training and everything you need to become an independent kiter, surfer, winger or foiler.

GEAR: Gear Is included for for the first few lessons. If buying from Mackiteboarding: Feel free to use Peter’s code to get’s free overnight shipping.

Open Hours

M-F Sunrise-Darkness

Weekends: 10am-Darkness


Coco Beach

Satellite Beach , Florida

Melbourne Beach, Florida


(914) 319 7653

Let’s Ride