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This course will revolutionize your whole being, if you are searching for your center, for joy,  and bliss.    

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This course is designed for anyone who would like to improve focus, performance, increase joy, or explore the inner talents and gifts

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The effects of these meditations are transformative. Experience the joy, the high and the ecstasy.  

What Is MVP Mindsports?

Mind Sports are lessons that use visualization, relaxation, & Breathing to enhance learning and achievement

Achieve peak performance in sports, academics, business, or life.  

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Presenting several methods that may act as keys to unlock your lock;  awakening towards well being, joy  and bliss.

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You’ll learn simple strategies you can use  immediately to start performing at a higher level in all aspects of your life.


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Focusing, concentration, being able to learn to drop into the performance zone and eliminate distraction : Students may experience strong emotions of tranquility, heightened  awareness , intuition and increased focus. 


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Learn Mental Rehearsal & visualization


Perform the gifts you were given

Used in physical recovery

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In Sports

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Music Performance

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Academic Success

From the Course

Intro Class
Breathing Meditation
Decisions Intuition

Over +50 Hours of Class

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About Me

 Peter is a Certified specialized  group fitness trainer (ACE), personal trainer &  fitness enthusiast with a B.S, and Masters in Physics from Stonybrook University. Currently  working towards completion of his  PhD.,

Interested in the physical and meditation pursuits has allowed traveling over 15 countries and exploring this beautiful world.

Peter is also the author of 30 Fitness Days and teaches Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, and Bootcamp , Mental Performance, Physics , Math and more.

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