How do you start on your dreams? Some of you have been thinking, planing and dreaming of things for years. Some even study manifestation and go to self help courses but nothing really gets done. Many work for bosses and are task masters at a job but when it comes to their life and dreams and projects they cut themselves short.


I would like to share my story of myachademy. For years I wanted to create an online gym, before online gyms were a thing. I would tell people and they would put me down. Or I would feel my coding skills weren’t great. I would even search for programers and trade lessons with them, but none of this worked. It was very hard.


This platform is a dream come true. A place where people can learn, grow, and I can help them too. I have been putting it off for years. This would not have been possible.


The website platform was easy because,   I stoped everything that have been putting me away from it.  I saw the urgency of the moment.  I said this is the time.  I realized I have everything there.  I know what I wanted a subscription website  and a site that progressed people and where people could be commite, and also evolve with. Money was there, the time was there, my ideas were there for years.   And I went with it .  It was my life energy to express itself , I learned what I needed to , and it built upon each other.

We over plan, we overthink, we come up with strategy, and fantasy. We have every reason why something wont work, or something will. This all gets in the way.

Some people say just take action, or get off your butt and do something. This isn’t good enough if you are going though with your car break .


I leave this with you. Stop everything, feel the urgency , and go. You have the power in you


If your looking for help, look no farther then the end of your arm….

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