Times of change when needed most live steam 6pm :    It hasn’t ever been so urgent as now that people must become more aware of the inside world. There was a nice little story where the gods wanted to hide one of the most treasured treasures and didn’t know where to hide it. Some said put it in the ocean, and another on-top the highest mountain, the decision was to put it in man/woman. The quest to go inside yourself has never been more needed. Ive been teaching techniques for several years but have been kept it privately, with this change of events I am now on the upfront to help people become more aware of the inner world where even in isolation, change, and circumstance they can be at peace. Some people are really suffering and some people are quite the opposite it is very interesting. If you feel anyone needs help and are in isolation please feel free reach out to me as well. We are here to help each other 1 world. 

This Reflections: 

We live in a society that is conditioning us to really express what we like.  It seems we all like everything but inside we might not.  This exercise is will help you reflect on inside what you really like verses what society tells you to like.  Lets start with some basics: 

What do you like about your parents . What don’t you like?  

What do you like about your friend ?  What don'[t you like 


Here is an example : 

Mom:   I like she calm under pressure when people are furious 

              I like she is persistent  but             Don’t like : she’s stubborn 

Dad :    Is kind in service generous and in your favor if supports.                                    

             Don’t Like :  Usually questions everything you do  

              He’s cheep 

Take everything you like and try to apply it, and reject what you don’t want to be like.  You don’t need to justify it, or wish to change them, it’s not about them.   



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