photographic memory

How to develop a better photographic memory

Developing photographic memory and refreshing yourself mentally

This also helps with recharging the mind, clearing, and getting you back to study refreshed .

Most will say take a break go for a walk, do yoga , often when i did this fun activity, i didn’t want to go study after or the motivation was even worse cause i wanted to continue to do something fun. So i started back at a state.  It helped if I restated my purposes, saw my motivations of why I was tourturing myself but that would not get me fully refreshed. I wanted to take a nap but I couldn’t sleep .  Then how about social media break, or viewing the internet. This is nice but i found it lead to procrastination, and also delaying study and when the timer was up, I wasnt refreshed.

The Answer:   Go lay on your bed, close your eyes,  and replay what you learned or did for the past hour. backwards.  do you remember the last problem. then how about the line above that,  or the room, replay the movie, in your head.   Often we play things forward, and that is how to wind up the mind, but how about winding down or back.  This is like clearing an etch e sketch and it serves double tasks, first you may notice you have instant recall, and photographic recall,   and this gets better with practice,  second, after the nice mental movie , you have used your imagination to give your thinking logical computer a break.

I came up with this when I was a kid we would watch movies, and if I couldn’t fall asleep i would just close my eyes and rewatch the movie in my head, scene by scene, sometimes I would go backwards, or remember the scene , then go forwards,  and I always had a favorite movie or show to watch, once the tv time was up.   Some say it was a way to hypnotize yourself before sleep.  I found I often would have a dream about the movie.  When I did this for study material, I know I was ready if I had a dream of it.

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