How do you motivate yourself with something you don’t want to do .    Might be simple as what you should be doing but theres resistance , there is mental chatter.    There are many techniques some have used autosudgestion where you just are creating more emotion and yelling at that voice and hopefully you can get yourself to do it .

But even if you tell yourself to do something there may be argument, or a feeling.   You get into the brain by inserting a visual image of something you should be doing.  The voice can not rebel.

2: Step 2 : And then rehearse this image, close your eyes and replay it  see yourself in your minds eye going though the activity you are programing rehearsal. Enjoying .  And the beautiful gift of visualization is there is no voice to interrupt . That is where imagination is powerful l

3.  Step 3  Check.

               How much more resistance do you have to the activity.

4.  Repeat the cycle.   notice as you do this your body responds les to the resistance of not doing it .  as you have less resistance,   And when you think of doing the activity,  or command yourself to do it , it is very easy it is no resistance.

Try It today:   need to make a video ,  you are shy you don’t like moving things you are over thinking it,  and stuck in mental inertia, the body is saying no. you had the idea yesterday you should try , but you given other things what do you do?  Relax the body,  visualize the activity,  repeat the visualization a few times, vivid and with pleasure, and if you dont what what will happen.  Then repeat this image of you in process in 3rd person and also in 1st person.  Notice now the voice , and how body feels , it is less if it worked.  then repeat process till it just seems like a effortless activity.  You have just programed the seed of your mind.   Then you can even relax , its in your mind, when the time comes it will be there and your next energy action will be to do it.  effortlessly motivated.

The voice is a feedback mechanism. , if you are going out of your comfort routeen or path or habits that you set for yourself.   So put a new image in ,  see it , feel it in your body and consequences what people are saying, what people are doing

How do you get this level of consciousness, by transformative meditation. Where you learn how to be the watcher , of your body of your mind.

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